[Review] The Sony PRS-T1 Review and E-Ink

We live in a content-filled world – It constantly bombards us from all sides. Flashing lights and explosions, blaring music and a cacophony of voices greet us around every corner. From the normal work day, filled with LCD screens, to hours at home spent watching an LCD TV, looking at an LCD monitor and in-between peering at a small LCD on the phone, there’s precious … Continue reading [Review] The Sony PRS-T1 Review and E-Ink

[Info] Android E-Book Reader App Comparison

As the popularity and affordability of mobile devices skyrockets, the ability for people to engage in convenient reading grows along with it. The unbridled success of dedicated devices such as Amazon’s Kindle and B&N’s Nook undeniable demonstrate that the demand is there for accessible electronic reading content, along with the advantages it brings: easy bookmarking, customisable fonts, search, quick dictionary lookups, access to huge electronic … Continue reading [Info] Android E-Book Reader App Comparison