[Info] Android Fragmentation – What the FUD?

You might have heard the term fragmentation being bandied about lately, usually in a flurry of FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) from those who don’t entirely understand it. OpenSignal, a wifi-location company, recently published an Android fragmentation report based on information they’ve collected. At first glance, it looks daunting – there’s a ton of boxes and there’s alot of red. The number of different devices … Continue reading [Info] Android Fragmentation – What the FUD?

[Info] Android E-Book Reader App Comparison

As the popularity and affordability of mobile devices skyrockets, the ability for people to engage in convenient reading grows along with it. The unbridled success of dedicated devices such as Amazon’s Kindle and B&N’s Nook undeniable demonstrate that the demand is there for accessible electronic reading content, along with the advantages it brings: easy bookmarking, customisable fonts, search, quick dictionary lookups, access to huge electronic … Continue reading [Info] Android E-Book Reader App Comparison