[Thoughts] Improving Screen Reading Efficiency

Reading in the modern age has changed. I can’t remember the last book I read that was printed on actual paper. Not too long ago, I once again aspirationally purchased an 8.4″ tablet, the unlucky 13th tablet in a string spanning back five years, with the intention of making a dent in my reading list, which had been accumulating for a while. The screen is … Continue reading [Thoughts] Improving Screen Reading Efficiency

[Thoughts] Apple Content Blocker in iOS/Safari 9

Privacy is hitting the mainstream, the cows are smelling hamburgers and asking questions (Update: I’ve tested some benchmarks on ad-blocking in various configurations here). Apple is finally rolling out an ad-blocking feature in Safari 9, with the following official description: “The new Safari release brings Content Blocking Safari Extensions to iOS. Content Blocking gives your extensions a fast and efficient way to block cookies, images, … Continue reading [Thoughts] Apple Content Blocker in iOS/Safari 9

[Thoughts] Why I Use a Vertical Monitor

Around a year or so ago, I discovered that my desktop monitor at home could be rotated into a vertical orientation and it was revolutionary. For most of us, we’ve spent forever working on landscape oriented monitors (usually in a 16:10 aspect ratio), for no good reason other than tradition. But I’m here to tell you, vertical monitors are a life changer. My productivity has … Continue reading [Thoughts] Why I Use a Vertical Monitor

[Thoughts] Microsoft, Windows 10 and Private Data

UPDATE: Not content to hoover up your personal data, inundate you with ads on your desktop and provide backdoors for the NSA, Microsoft now provides Windows DVD Player, previously freely included with WIndows, for $15 for purchase. Bravo. Stallman was right. I won’t delve too deeply here since I ditched Windows years ago, bar for occasional testing, but this is definitely worth a quick mention. … Continue reading [Thoughts] Microsoft, Windows 10 and Private Data

[Guide] How to Add Youtube Channels via RSS Subscriptions (V3 API)

In April this year, Youtube deprecated their V2 API, in favor of their V3 API, which you can read about here. There’s more information on app deprecation here. There was much gnashing of teeth as this broke a lot of feed readers (which third-party platforms like Feedly / Flipboard rely on), but thankfully for most people who just browse the site, this makes little difference. … Continue reading [Guide] How to Add Youtube Channels via RSS Subscriptions (V3 API)