Chrome Won

By the former CTO of Mozilla (who make Firefox). Firefox was created to challenge Internet Explorer’s default dominance, and to that end it succeeded. But the transition to Webextensions, a series of management missteps (losing key staff and over-spending on frivolities) and lack of clear vision, as well as an drawn out transition to multi-process all contribute to it’s falling popularity. Not to mention the behemoth that is Google, which offers a world of convenience for many within Chrome. But even if Firefox holds a tiny market share, it’s still incredibly useful for some, including myself.

“Browsers are a commodity product. They all pretty much look the same and feel the same. All browsers work pretty well, and being slightly faster or using slightly less memory is unlikely to sway users. If even Eric–who heads Mozilla’s marketing team–uses Chrome every day as he mentioned in the first sentence, it’s not surprising that almost 65% of desktop users are doing the same.”

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