How connected car tech is eroding personal privacy

Two things come to mind: Firstly, people who run full Facebook or Google services on their phones, which collect far more information and in more detail, even outside the car. Secondly, hang onto your ‘dumb’ car for as long as possible.

“Beyond the actuators, there’s data collection going on in the OnStar and Car-Net-like systems as well. These devices have microphones and video cameras. The on-board entertainment and navigation systems keep track of what music you’re listening to and where you physically go in your car.

In fact, in the US, there’s a federally mandated “black box” — an elusive device known officially as an Event Data Recorder, or EDR — that has been installed in every new car since 2014. It logs much of this data, like whether or not you’re wearing your seatbelt, for use in law enforcement and post-accident assessment. There is basically no aspect of the driving experience that can’t be measured, quantified, and logged.”

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