The Age of Apple is Over

Apple isn’t going anywhere soon, but they haven’t been innovation leaders for many years. They have been copying symptoms of past great ideas, without understanding the why. The string of unexciting products, to penny pinching even on high-end products reek of a chain prioritized by bean-counting, to nobody’s surprise. But it’s not entirely their fault, the age of hardware is waning, the real fields of innovation are AI and cloud services and automation, things which Apple are not particularly good at. Good thing they have such strong lock-in.

“With each passing year, smartphones will get better cameras, tougher screens and faster processors. But even the major upgrades expected down the road – terabyte-plus storage, week-long battery life, built-in projectors, etc. — don’t change the fundamental nature of mobile phones the way iPhone did, taking them from flip-open T-9 keyboards with little functionality beyond calls to pocket supercomputers. The significant improvements in smartphones came between 2007 and 2012.”

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