Why I Regret Making My House a Smart-House

Shoving connectivity into everything is not a good idea, not at this stage anyway. There are far too many complexities, lack of standards and security vulnerabilities to make the incremental improvement in convenience worthwhile. Note: The article was published in 2013, but the same principles apply.

“My wife and I were on vacation for 4 days and came home to a dead house. It was 98 degrees in the house, the AC had shut off, the lights weren’t working, no TV’s. I was able to get a few lights on by reaching into cabinets and turning them on manually- it was 9:30PM on a Sunday when we walked in. I contacted the Control 4 guys to help get it back on. Problem now, it seems, is that the brains of the system, the main controller, is in a closet on the third floor.”

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