Epic’s Tim Sweeney: Here’s how to keep Windows an open platform

At least for gaming, our greatest hope for a solution to a DRM-ridden locked down ecosystem (UWP), is marginally less DRM-ridden locked down, but cross-platform ecosystem (Steam). I’ll take it. There’s also another good read on why UWP is a bad idea at PC Gamer.

“The past decade of Microsoft’s churn in strategies and executives has seen the release of a major platform that prevented apps from connecting to non-Microsoft services on the Internet (Xbox 360), new PC app formats that were by default closed to non-Microsoft-approved apps (WinRT in Windows 8 and UWP in Windows 10), and a Microsoft-branded Windows PC (Surface RT) that were closed to all win32 apps except Microsoft Office. It is a rational industry response to have a degree of distrust over Microsoft’s intentions.”

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