How Apple Is Giving Design A Bad Name

Let’s put to rest the belief that Apple still has fantastic software design. They make great hardware, but the software universally across OS X and iOS is increasingly terrible. Senseless design decisions have left even hardcore fans scratching their heads. Apple lost their laser-focus a number of years ago and usability has suffered greatly. Though even with all the ongoing online service issues plaguing users, the platform lock-in and marketing feel-good is still tremendously powerful.

“Good user experience can only flow from a system where marketing, graphic and industrial design, engineering, and usability all work together in a collaborative effort to make life better, more enjoyable, and more productive for Apple’s customers. Design is a complex field, with many separate subdisciplines. Industrial design is primarily concerned with materials and form, and this is the area in which Apple excels. Graphic design is supposed to be about aesthetics and communication, but Apple has emphasized appearance to the great detriment of the communication component.”


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