Leaving the Evil Empire of Facebook

Facebook wants to be indispensable, see Facebook Free Basics, by being indistinguishable as THE source of the internet for many people. Remembering that companies always place self-interest first and that Facebook already tracks you extensively even when you’re not on their site, this is grim. The future holds even more political activism/filtering on Facebook’s part as they have control over everything in the feed. The best thing to do is to ditch it entirely, your sanity will also thank you.

“Recently Facebook blocked users from posting links to an article about Nepal blockade [3]. Facebook once deleted a post which called out to people for a protest in Russia, because the protest was “illegal” [4]. In Venezuela Facebook is deleting links to film fictionalizing the conditions of political prisoners, without even telling people that it has done so [5]. Again in home Facebook blocked the page “Indian Atheists” [6]. And remember these are censorships we know about, for everyone of them there would be many, the news of which never see the light of day and if they did, Facebook would never let you see them.”

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