The Internet of Way Too Many Things

I have a rapidly expanding list of things that I’ve run across the internet that are either being crowdfunded or already in production, of things that I am confident I will NEVER need. Nearly all these things are ‘smart’ or internet-enabled common objects. People are shoving sensors, motors and communications into every static object just because they can, along with a glossy app. Each additional device opens up an attack vector, and vendors will not be pushing out critical OpenSSL or Apache updates for your smart fork/belt/cup/microwave/doorlock/hairdryer/etc, I am quite certain of it. I, for one, cannot wait for the impending havoc. Keep in mind I am writing this in Nov/2015, so maybe by the time this post is published, something has already happened.

“Privacy and Security. Every one of these items is connected to the Internet, and therefore all of your usage patterns are recorded for posterity — to the delight of pet food manufacturers, propane tank distributors, grill manufacturers, designers of baby linens and locksmiths. Our computers and smartphones already have a frightening amount of information about us — what we buy, what we watch, what ailments we fear we have. The connected home increases the amount of that information exponentially, yet scant to zero efforts are in place to protect consumer privacy and security. You may be able to get your phone to project bright colors if your window sensor detects a burglar, but what is protecting you from your phone?”

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