The Hypocrisy of the Internet Journalist

As an increasing proportion of online articles become produced by bloggers, not true journalists, the era of clickbait has well and truly landed. In part due to the flood of information the internet and smartphones have brought on our attention-limited and devolving mammalian brains. In part due to sites being paid for impressions, not long-term engagement, leading to increasing devious and tabloid-like methods of appealing to the more primal of our instincts. The article covers the other-side of site revenue, the ability to sell reader information and habits out to third-party tracking and data brokers.

“Anonymous data is shockingly easy to de-anonymize. I would still be building a map of you. Correlating with other databases, credit card information (which has been on sale for decades, by the way), public records, voter information, a thousand little databases you never knew you were in, I could create a picture of your life so complete I would know you better than your family does, or perhaps even than you know yourself.”

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