Attempting To Opt Out Of Data Brokers Will Never Work

Trying to opt-out of online data broking firms will greet you with many assurances of privacy. But there’s nothing stopping these companies from on-selling your information to multiple third-parties before removing it, if they even plan to. There’s no transparency at all and like replying to spam e-mails, just confirms that you’re an active user. The hilarious part is many brokers will require you to enter MORE information, to opt-out, padding their bank accounts further. The easiest option is not to even get harvested in the first place. Value your privacy highly.

“A lot of people want to opt out of data brokers. The reason why so many sites are now offering opting out is simple. The companies understand that they have no right to your information. The trick that is played on the unsuspecting individual however, other information is required to verify who you are. This is so the additional corrected information can be sold one more time. Getting your information out of the credit system is impossible, because of regulation.”

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