For Tech Titans, Sharing Has Its Limits

When it comes to privacy, actions speak far louder than words, with figures like Google’s Chairman Eric Schmidt and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg going to great lengths to preserve their own privacy while making public statements downplaying the importance of privacy itself. In some cases, even requiring tradespeople working on their properties to sign NDAs. Entirely their right, of course. Privacy is a human right, after all, it’s unfortunate that many people thoroughly undervalue it.

‘Mr. Zuckerberg’s life has been chronicled in unauthorized fashion in books and other media, most famously in the film “The Social Network.” In court filings, Mr. Zuckerberg’s lawyers have said that Mr. Voskerician might try to use personal information about Mr. Zuckerberg for personal gain “to publish, sell or otherwise use” the material, say from a videotaped deposition. In an interview with a blogger in early 2010, Mr. Zuckerberg cited changing privacy norms for Facebook’s decision to change its default settings so that more data from the site’s users would be available to the public, not just friends.”

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