The rise of the new Crypto War

The encryption backdoor which the authorities are so fervently pushing for is not only immoral and deceptive, but it’s mathematically impossible and would more-or-less break the internet, no exaggeration. It’s an idea which is rooted in a distant fairytale – that there are clearly marked good-guys and bad-guys, and that the government, entrusted with the safekeeping of all information, can be completely trusted with making this distinction, something proven time recently that they are not fit to do.

“On Tuesday, May 19, a comprehensive coalition of cryptographers, civil-liberties advocates, and tech companies sent President Obama a letter arguing that the FBI’s push for backdoors represented a grave threat to Internet security. ‘Strong encryption is the cornerstone of the modern information economy’s security,” the letter read. “Whether you call them ‘front doors’ or ‘back doors,’ introducing intentional vulnerabilities into secure products for the government’s use will make those products less secure against other attackers. Every computer security expert that has spoken publicly on this issue agrees on this point, including the government’s own experts.'”

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