“OneDrive storage plans change in pursuit of productivity and collaboration”

Microsoft backtracks on its ‘unlimited’ cloud storage plan, opting for the age-old ‘excessive usage and abuse’ paradigm. To summarize, the 100/200GB plans are going away, the paid ‘unlimited’ plan will be capped at 1TB, and the free tier will be reduced from 15GB to 5GB (before bonuses), which places it in an uncompetitive situation with Google Drive. Also keep in mind the latter also offers free photo (<16MP) and video (1080P and below) storage which doesn’t count against usage. A few things that come to mind after perusing the vitriolic reactions to MS’s announcement:

  • Instead of admitting it had over-promised storage capability and was backtracking, they opt to instead blame users who use the unlimited service to it’s potential.
  • Microsoft isn’t a struggling backyard operation, they have the resources and abilities to keep to their original offer. They take in over $4.62 billion net profit per quarter and rising. Surely they realise cloud storage is the crucial base on which services tie together – photos, documents, file sharing, mobile, videos, music everything ties back into having a solid cloud storage offering.
  • In order for them to make their claims, they would have had to manually analyze the personal content being stored, it’s too specific for aggregate data. Also never forget Windows 10.
  • Their explanation also doesn’t hold water, as the middle and free tiers are being cut down and punished as well. This is clearly purse-tightening at the user’s expense, Tim Cook style.
  • As a final kick to the face, they mention this is all done in the name of “productivity and collaboration”. I think they missed the words “for us and our shareholders”.
  • Microsoft, despite fanfare to the contrary, is what Microsoft has always been – a corporation, with profits first, and everything else second. There is no ‘new, improved’ Microsoft.
  • Of course, you shouldn’t be using cloud storage in the first place if you can help it, for a multitude of security and privacy reasons. This includes Drive, Dropbox, Box and so on. The cloud is just really another word for somebody else’s computer.
  • And in case anybody has forgotten, Satya’s Mar-2014 ‘Mobile First, Cloud First’ announcement. So much for that. Warning: cringeworthy business-speak ahead.

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