Adblocking, Definitively Measured

I’ve always wondered just how much faster pages load with an ad-blocker. We’ve known for a while that most mainstream sites inundate users with not just annoying ads, but hundreds of third-party connections and cookies that track them across every site they visit. As the ad-blocking arms race heats up, with companies resorting to more nefarious methods like LSO storage, browser fingerprinting and ETag (supercookie) tracking, I did some testing on just how effective ad-blockers are.

I’d highly suggest reading my entire article for the graphs and details, but the summary is a 2.6x-9.8x improvement in page loading speed, and up to a 68% reduction in bandwidth usage. Yes, 9.8x faster, that’s how bloated with 3rd-party scripts pages have become. In fact, with just an ad-blocker, a user who visits just 20 pages a day, ends up saving 148 minutes of their life, every month, along with 420MB of download quota.

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