ABC: How Your Phone Tracks Your Every Move

With great difficulty, a reporter obtains some of his historical metadata from a local carrier and maps it out for perusal. There are a few important points that I would like to add:

  • Even using a ‘dumbphone’ does not shield a person from metadata collection. If it can call/SMS it can be tracked.
  • E-mail recipients are not included in the article, though they are ‘officially’ collected as part of metadata. Even carriers themselves object to this collection.
  • There have been already been a myriad of arrests made based on carrier metadata, even for offences like littering.
  • Regardless of the legality, there is much more then metadata being collected intelligence agencies. Metadata is the officially sanctioned part.
  • People often willingly feed far more personal information to private companies, which can then be turned in to authorities, legally (via warrants), or illegally (via wiretaps).
  • Every time metadata opposition hits a fever pitch here, the government trots out the tired ‘Terrorism and Safety!’ argument, with no objective proof. Indiscriminate mass-scale data collection is about increasing authoritative control at the expense of personal liberty, plain and simple.

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