Why the world needs Firefox more than ever

It might be clunkier or slower than Chrome at times, but it’s a small price to pay. Firefox is more or less the only viable alternative for those that value their privacy and control of information, and I’ve donated to Mozilla accordingly. Having said that, a carefully set-up Chromium install without sign-in and with a selection of protective extension is a good fallback, but not a replacement.

“Although Firefox has plenty of great features, I think Firefox’s competitive advantage is its respect for its users’ privacy — Firefox actually cares about protecting its users. For instance, the tracking protection feature allows you, with a minor tweak of your about:config settings, to block advertisers from creepily tracking you around the web (in a similar way to EFF’s privacy badger extension). Firefox also allows you to block third party cookies. Firefox even gives you privacy tips in their default home page! Meanwhile, Chrome and by extension Google, have an interest in tracking you around the web to get an accurate picture of your habits for ads.”

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