The Current State of Smart Locks

The current state of smart locks, or phone-controlled electronic house door locks. I’ve long been searching for a solution for carrying physical keys around, but like the author, I’m not convinced on the hardiness of the current range of smart locks as a viable option.

The idea that most excites me, though, is their genuine desire to get rid of keys completely. While this is theoretically possible with Lockitron, Yale and August, it isn’t the stated goal of anyone in this market. In fact, most of their competitors go out of their way to ensure the user that they can still use keys. Haven are taking the opposite approach, declaring keys to be outmoded, annoying and insecure and calling for their abolition. This is going to scare some people, and I’ll admit that my initial reaction was hesitant, but I appreciate that Haven refuses half-measures. Everyone else declares how disruptive their products are while carefully not overstepping the status quo. Haven are standing firmly on the far side of that line.

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