Why movies look weird at 48fps, and games are better at 60fps, and the uncanny valley

The in-depth scientific explanation to why 60fps in games is not the same as 60fps (or 48fps) in movies. The benchmark for gaming should be 60fps and no less, despite what publishers of badly programmed titles will say to deflect. You can view a side by side comparison on this site.

As a bonus, at higher frame rates you can respond more quickly to the action in the game – which is essential for twitch games, where responding to the game matters. This is mostly a side effect of lower end-to-end latency (game loops are generally locked to how fast they can present a new frame, and it’s rare for input to be decoupled from this – so a faster frame rate means lower input lag). It may also be due to being able to see changes in the game more quickly as well – after all, it’s updating twice as fast at 60Hz. If the ocular microtremors play a part, that mechanism may also allow better motion extraction from the cones.

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