Why SSD Drives Destroy Court Evidence, and What Can Be Done About It

The article is a bit older, but the points are sailent on data recovery. Regardless of medium, I’d always advocate a full disk encryption method (avoid the backdoor-ridden Microsoft Bitlocker) when the disks are in use. Then when disposing of hard disks or SSDs, destroy them completely with a drill/hammer. Alternatively, if you’re selling them, then at least do a completely destructive wipe (see DBAN or dd) 7 or more times.

“The way SSD drives are constructed imposes several design limitations. Existing types of flash memory allow for a limited number of write operations before wearing off. Modern SSD drives employ smart wear leveling techniques [3] that, instead of re-using existing blocks of memory, will write to a different block when data stored in a certain block is being modified. This in turn will leave blocks containing potentially sensitive information scattered all over the memory chip. “

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