Why I’m Quitting Facebook & Why I Think You Will Too

Yet more common sense people doing common sense things. Daylan also has some other insightful articles worth reading.

“Perhaps Facebook have lost sight that people are not loyal to Facebook, they are loyal to what Facebook allowed them to do. And when it doesn’t allow people to do that any more, then my bet is they will surely begin to jump ship. And if the audience isn’t there, then why would businesses bother advertising there anymore?

I don’t even think it matters if there isn’t an alternative just like Facebook for people to turn to. There are infinite amounts of communication devices and platforms now, The industry gets so caught up on the fact that something needs to replace the incumbent in order for a platform to die, they forget that if something is just a shitty experience, then people will stop using it.

In 2014 – Facebook is a really shitty experience.”

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