How Microsoft Appointed Itself Sheriff of the Internet

Microsoft, through security lapses in Windows, spawned one of the most destructive viruses and botnets in history. Then appoints itself judge and jury, gleefully wielding unprotestable power to shut down DNS providers, backed by legions of lawyers, affecting the very fabric of how the internet works. Go Team Microsoft, World Police.

“We have found that when a single company or a single agency or a nation goes it alone in a takedown action, the result has usually been catastrophe, because the internet is richly interdependent and many of the rules governing its operations are unwritten,” he said. His point is that, with the No-IP takedown, Microsoft didn’t work with others. It didn’t even work with No-IP. It served the company papers without asking the No-IP to shutdown bad actors or even telling the company what it planned to do.”

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