Cars Kill Cities

One of the biggest obstacles in the usage of public transport, commuter cycling, and eventually self-driving cars, is the cultural obstacles. Saddeningly, many still demand huge properties away from urban areas, there is short-sighted urban planning, or they are physically unable to endure walking. The amount of space dedicated to parking lots, where there could be civic services, parks or other amenities, is staggering.

“It wasn’t always this way.  Atlanta, like all cities, used to be walkable and people actually lived IN the city instead of commuting 50 miles every day.  But as more people moved away from the city, the more Atlanta had to become like a suburb, being retrofitted to handle all the automobile infrastructure required by a million 40 hour-a-week temporary citizens.  The result of this retrofit is a wasteland of asphalt and isolated neighborhoods, a slow decimation that has rolled along since the innovation of the automobile.”


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