Facebook’s Messenger App Is Tracking a Lot More of Your Data Than You Think

No surprise here though, Facebook isn’t here to serve users, the users are there to line it’s pockets. What insane company wouldn’t attempt to extract as much value from it’s gold mines as it could? These ‘discoveries’ have happened many times before, and they will continue to happen well into the future. Temporary outrage, Facebook (or another company) spins it, and everybody goes back to normal.

To be absolutely clear, there is NO way to securely and privately use Facebook. To do so would require complete anonymization, thus defeating the purpose.

“iOS forensics and security researcher Jonathan Zdziarski spent Tuesday morning disassembling Facebook Messenger’s iOS binary, at one point declaring via Twitter that “Messenger appears to have more spyware type code in it than I’ve seen in products intended specifically for enterprise surveillance.”

As a side note, at the time the Messenger app was released in August, Facebook downplayed the outrage as a wording issue, blaming both Android and iOS for causing undue panic. As it happens, the truth is somewhere in between, but now, nothing is stopped Facebook from pushing gradually further – they can just point to their earlier explanation. This time around, they state they are using the analytics to improve user experience – innocent really I’m sure. The issue here is not what they say they are doing with it, it’s what they COULD do with it. Permissions on mobile devices are usually quite broad, once agreed to, stay that way. I can all but guarantee you, Facebook doesn’t see the last remnants of value on user’s lives and decide to suddenly have a fit of morality.

Bonus trivia: The Messenger app requires the EXACT same permissions as the normal Facebook app. For those that object to one but not the other, that makes no sense whatsoever.

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