What Not Dying Looks Like

RSS is the arterial network which keeps the internet humming along. It’s everywhere, it powers website updates, Twitter auto-feeds, podcasts, Flipboard, Feedly and the rest. I found a long time ago that relying on curated social networks to find links resulted in a vapid and inefficient echo chamber that often missed some of the best content on the web. On a related note, a free self-hosted Tiny Tiny RSS (open-source) installation allows for cross-platform fast RSS aggregation, including regex based filters and scoring. Extreme efficiency, and nobody can shut it down on a whim.

“However, just because a technology is widely available does not guarantee success. What makes RSS truly powerful is that users still have the control. The beauty of the system is it that no one can force you to be tracked and no one can force you to watch ads. There are no security issues I am aware of and no one ever has to know what feeds you subscribe to. This may be the last area of the Internet that you can still say things like this.”

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