I/O Thoughts

From one of the developers of PocketCasts, a very popular cross-platform podcast player which I use on a daily basis. He muses on the difference in attitude between Google I/O and Apple WWDC attendees, specifically the elitism exhibited by the latter. I’ve seen this plentifully in everyday life, a comparably larger proportion of people who purchase Apple products become insufferably intolerant of anything else.

It’s likely the most devoted – the minority, the same ones who line up for days before a release and are quick to boast on what things they did have. But now that iOS has been lagging for years and does nothing more than copy ideas from everybody else on a yearly cycle, what really is there to be elitist about? Maybe it’s self-selecting, as iPhones have traditionally cost more and filter out those who aren’t ardent fans, but then again, these devices can be had for nothing on contracts, so they aren’t even exclusive anymore.

Embrace technology, learning and progress, not a corporate entity telling you what to believe.

“One of the first things that struck me was the contrast between the kind of people that attend I/O vs those at WWDC. Granted in both cases I didn’t meet all 5000 attendees, so there’s nothing scientific about what follows. That said everyone I met at I/O was open-minded and tended to work on more than one platform. As such it wasn’t the least bit strange when someone pulled out their iPhone to check something on it. The majority of phones there seemed to be Androids, with the Nexus 5 making up the lions share of the devices I saw. What I’m getting at, and let me put it bluntly if I may, is that it highlighted just how insular and superior a lot of Apple developers act and feel. If you don’t believe me, just join a group of them at WWDC and whip out your Android phone. Within moments, you’ll wish you had whipped out something less offensive, like your genitalia instead.”

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