What Do Data Brokers Know About Me?

On the seedy, and infinitely profitable industry of data broking. Every action we take, or bit of information we provide to companies, even while just browsing the web, is compiled into dossiers and profiles. What’s alarming is that this information is not accessible by us, is entirely opaque and can never be removed or unlinked from us. We’ve long sold our privacy FAR too cheaply.

“In less than a minute I was holding a four-page report, containing all my previous addresses—dating back to the number on my dorm room in college: 536B. There was not a single piece of inaccurate information in the report. This was my real life, dating back decades. Talk about immortality. But as I sought out my information from other data brokers, my love affair with immortality lost steam. I compiled a list of more than 200 commercial data brokers, and I was pretty sure I hadn’t identified all of them. This wasn’t immortality; this was prostitution.”

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