If you shop on Thanksgiving, you are part of the problem

How true, as I have long-believed, we have been conditioned to buy and keep buying beyond necessity. As a solution for everything – to affect our moods, proactively and reactively, with holidays being specifically created around this. But yet, so many modern problems revolve around consumption being done as a form of entertainment. Of course, many don’t partake in the events described in the article, but the point stands.

“How appropriate, then, that a holiday created by our ancestors as an occasion to give thanks for what they had, now morphs into a frenzied consumerist ritual where we descend upon shopping malls to accumulate more things we don’t need. Our great grandparents enjoyed a meal and praised the Lord for the food on the table and the friends and family gathered around it. We, having slightly altered the tradition, instead elect to bum-rush elderly women and trample over children to get our hands on cheap TVs.”

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