How the NSA Betrayed The World’s Trust

F-Secure’s Mikko Hypponen  presenting at TED last month covered blanket NSA surveillance (a beast of our own creation post 9/11), the importance of privacy as a building block of democracy, and how US internet companies (like search engines / social networks) often know more about us than our own families, and by extension, the organizations who tap into that information.

It’s increasingly important that people learn and understand the risks involved, rather than just exist as passive and ignorant. It would be ideal for us to take responsibility for our own content and services, rather than offloading them to third-party and increasingly opaque corporations out of convenience. Easier said than done, but it has to start somewhere, urgently.

Recent events have highlighted, underlined and bolded the fact that the United States is performing blanket surveillance on any foreigner whose data passes through an American entity — whether they are suspected of wrongdoing or not. This means that, essentially, every international user of the internet is being watched, says Mikko Hypponen. An important rant, wrapped with a plea: to find alternative solutions to using American companies for the world’s information needs.

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