The stupidest trend in laptop design is … Num Pads

Our eyes and arms aren’t lopsided, so I cannot understand why this horrible design trend still exists. For the tiny minority that requires these keypads, use an external USB one, there are hundreds available. The rest of the world still stuck using off-center keyboards and trackpads (to the detriment of their ergonomics), will eventually thank you. The space saved can be used for speakers that aren’t terrible.

Other legacy bits that need to die immediately: HDD activity lights, power LED lights (if you’re at a computer, you’ll know if it’s on),  LED’s on other things (like monitor buttons and mice), the entire row of F function keys, and the Option key on Macs.

Can lead to health issues: it forces the user to assume a bad position in front of the screen; this can affect the eyes and the backbone; It’s bad enough many people have a bad posture in front of the computer as it is, no need to pump up Scoliosis’ position in the laundry list of modern day health risks.

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2 thoughts on “The stupidest trend in laptop design is … Num Pads

  1. You know, I just FINALLY unbolted my keyboard tray from the bottom of my desk, drilled new holes, and moved the whole thing 6 inches to the right on my desk. I use 3 big monitors on a desk that was originally meant for one off-centered monitor and it has been driving me crazy because I have to type at an angle. Not anymore. I have noticed a decrease in wrist pain lately…

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