Why We Eat Popcorn at the Movies

Popcorn, one of the staples of a movie outing, used to be banned from theatres, for cleanliness and classiness reasons, until they realised just how lucrative it could be. Nowadays, popcorn, amongst other concessions, provides for nearly 50% of a cinema’s profits. A look at popcorn through the ages. I’m also fairly sure you could generously butter and salt nearly anything and it’d taste good.

“Take, for example, a Dallas movie theater chain that installed popcorn machines in 80 theaters, but refused to install machines in their five best theaters, which they considered too high class to sell popcorn. In two years, the theaters with popcorn saw their profits soar; the five theaters without popcorn watched their profits go into the red. Eventually, movie theater owners came to understand that concessions were their ticket to higher profits, and installed concession stands in their theaters.”
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