Pawns in the War on Drugs

A look at the use of police informants as disposable assets. Often criminals nabbed for relatively minor crimes, with little recourse and sent in untrained. When things go wrong, they are often regarded, unofficially, as expendable.

“Gaither was instructed to say, “This looks good,” once he had the drugs in hand. At that point, the police would move in for the arrest. If something went wrong, he was to say, “I wish my brother was here,” and officers would hasten to his aid. Shortly after the sting began, however, detectives lost track of Gaither when Noel, who had learned of the teen’s testimony from a grand juror, drove off with him. Gaither was tortured, beaten with a bat, shot with a pistol and a shotgun, run over by a car, and dragged by a chain through the woods.”


Pawns in the War on Drugs

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