Kids can’t use computers… and this is why it should worry you

A valid point – As modern computing becomes increasingly simple and abstracted, are people getting better at using computers, or actually worse? The depreciation of curiosity, tinkering and learning about technology, the ability to create and program – skills which have eventuated in major advances over the last 50 years. Instead of our imagination being captured by the ability to create or improve everything, it lives in the spin-cycle of cat vids and status updates. Maybe this is the point of devolution. 

“Not really knowing how to use a computer is deemed acceptable if you’re twenty-five or over. It’s something that some people are even perversely proud of, but the prevailing wisdom is that all under eighteens are technical wizards, and this is simply not true. They can use some software, particularly web-apps. They know how to use Facebook and Twitter. They can use YouTube and Pinterest. They even know how to use Word and PowerPoint and Excel. Ask them to reinstall an operating system and they’re lost. Ask them to upgrade their hard-drive or their RAM and they break out in a cold sweat. Ask them what https means and why it is important and they’ll look at you as if you’re speaking Klingon.”

Kids can’t use computers… and this is why it should worry you – Coding 2 Learn


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