Subu Must Die

What happens when you pass laws that allow random urine inspections by police of anybody on the street, handing down a hefty fine on traces of drug use, and a criminal indiction and immediate jail time on subsequent offences?

An eye-opening look at the throes of an Subutex epidemic in Georgia (a subscription-based substitute for heroin, since methadone was prohibitively expensive). The net result, an even more vile drug epidemic – Krokodil – which often causes scaly-like skin, gangrene and large amounts of flesh to fall off.
“Consider that, in 2010, an inmate in British Columbia died after drinking the puke of another methadone patient. The market for methadone vomit in prison is lively, and the preferred recipe for this cocktail is one part puke (strained, please, bartender) to one part Tang. And this leads to methadone’s biggest drawback: If you take too much of it, it will kill you. In the United States, about 5,000 methadone users die every year, making it the single-biggest killer among prescription painkillers.”

Subu Must Die

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