Typing Errors

You might have heard of the DVORAK keyboard layout, and how it’s supposed to be superior – with it’s vowel-based layout. Turns out it’s at best marginal (within a few % faster), at worst a fabrication of skewed testing. The most comprehensive investigation that I’ve read, puts this issue to rest once and for all.

It’s a bit sobering to think how close our beloved QWERTY, something we take for granted dozens of times a day, came to being erased from existence, with all the possible alternatives during the keyboard wars of the 1800s. 

Keep on ASDF’ing people. 

“In February 1889, under the headline “Wonderful Typing,” The New York Times reported on a typing demonstration given the previous day in Brooklyn by Thomas Osborne of Rochester, New York. The Times reported that Osborne “holds the championship for fast typing, having accomplished 126 words a minute at Toronto August 13 last.” In the Brooklyn demonstration he typed 142 words per minute in a five-minute test, 179 words per minute in a single minute, and 198 words per minute for 30 seconds. He was accompanied by George McBride, who typed 129 words per minute blindfolded. Both men used the non-QWERTY Caligraph machine.”

Typing Errors


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