Google Reader Apocalypse Extremely Nigh

On the failings of Feedly. Some of the points mentioned have already been addressed, but many I agree with, such as the difficulty of flagging articles, swipe sensitivity and image sizes. Not to mention a lack of an export option, for your own data no less.

UI issues aside, consider the high bandwidth, infrastructure and processing costs of running a feed aggregator for the world. Then consider Feedly’s business model – being their sole business, it must eventually generate profit. VC funding can only last so long. 

How? Method 1, freemium model for users (ie. ads). Method 2, promoted commercial posts being injected into people’s feeds (or specifically, the ‘Must Reads’ section), and Method 3, Feedly Plus, a business version ($20-$180 per year per user) of Feedly for gathering metrics on reader behaviour, as well as the ability for number 2. All of the above has been something that’s been publicized for more than three years, but as far as I can tell, has yet to gain traction. 

You can be sure of one thing, from here there is uncertainty. The user facing side will undoubtedly improve, but how long will Feedly last for before the next herd stampede occurs? And the one after that?

Best option – Host your own RSS server. Free, open-source, no ads, infinite lifespan, data portability, fast, local and perfect customisability – I’ve been running TTRSS and haven’t looked back (

Google Reader Apocalypse Extremely Fucking Nigh


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