Siegelgale – Smartphone Branding

A report from Siegel and Gale, a strategic branding firm, is annoyingly subjective with it’s methodologies, but the implied message about smartphone brand perception has merit: The iPhone has gone from being known as tightly locked down but boasting class-leading ease of use, to just tightly locked down.

Now that the majority understand smartphone capabilities and usage norms, compared to just a few years ago, people are demanding and expecting more from their devices, not just conformity. Apple’s forward thinking in aggressively locking customers into their ecosystem thus begins to pay itself off. 

Further branding report here:

“At the brand level, Apple is perceived as simpler than Samsung, but on a product level, challenger Galaxy has knocked the long-standing simplicity champion onto the canvas and out of first place.  “Samsung Galaxy is a significant threat to iPhone because it is able to do more—and do it more simply—than iPhone,” says one respondent.”


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