Side Effects of Facebook Usage

A recent study from Germany on Facebook usage reveals what deep down we knew all along: Facebook users suffer terribly in large part from envy, jealousy, FOMO (fear of missing out), loneliness, and a constant yearning for more likes. Oh, poor Facebook users.

In some cases, it reaches an arms race (referred to as an ‘envy spiral’), with people reacting to other by taking actions to draw more likes, more envy and perceived approval, portraying even more outrageous scenes of sheer enjoyment and exaggerated happiness. Needless to say, frustration and sadness results on all sides.

The solution? Either turn inhuman, or disconnect from social networks (or at least heavily moderate usage) – and watch your focus skyrocket. Consciously pay attention to the reason for posting content – is it purely for your own narcissistic benefit?

Another interesting point – the average user has 130 ‘friends’, which corresponds nicely within the Dunbar number. 

Full paper in the link.


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