You’re Distracted. This Professor Can Help

Modern remedies for modern ailments? I can think of one simple one – don’t be a douche, put it away in social situations. It’s probably also why people can get more reading done on dedicated devices like e-readers (or paper books) – the temptation to duck over to another app to check for updates can be alluring.

“Her iPhone, almost an extension of her hand, constantly beckons. When she first got a smartphone, she and her friends would go out to lunch and sit there in silence, glued to their gadgets. “I started to realize that it was really making me sad,” says Ms. Hill, who has short brown hair, a hoop-shaped nose ring, and a tendency to pantomime her thoughts with her hands as she speaks. “I was involved in all these cool social circles on Facebook, but it was so lonely. I would get all of my social energy out of a computer … Ms. Hill was flabbergasted to find out how frequently she checked e-mail. She checked it right after waking up. She checked it riding the bus, crossing campus, climbing stairs, sitting in class, eating dinner. She checked it up to 25 times a day, just on her phone. For each new message, her phone vibrated. It stressed her out. Often the alerts concerned unimportant messages from e-mail lists.”

You’re Distracted. This Professor Can Help. – Technology – The Chronicle of Higher Education


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