Two Months of Soylent

If you could consume the perfect food substitute so that you never had to eat or cook again from necessity vs. for enjoyment, one that optimized your function, then you could entertain the thought that you’d have more time to do things that you wanted. Soylent, an aptly named creation from a software engineer, doesn’t quite reach the ‘complete substitute’ level, but it’s a start.

“I’ve also experimented with adding nootropics, specifically combining Choline with Pramiracetam and L-Theanine. I think it worked. My scores jumped 30%. Subjectively, when coding it seemed like the lines would write themselves. Everything was ‘smoother’, reaction times lower, everyday phenomena more interesting. However, it was a little stressful that I wasn’t able to turn it off. I definitely wouldn’t want to feel this wired on the weekend, but it’s great for knocking out a lot of work. Though the euphoria of the first couple of weeks has faded, I have reached a happy, healthy, productive steady state that I really enjoy.”

Two Months of Soylent


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