“Modern chicken has no flavor” — let’s make it in a lab

On modern food processing and flavouring, and why it’s a necessity.  

“Modern chicken, he grumbled, has no flavor. “They grow them so fast, they don’t have time to develop flavor,” he said. And chicken — even tasteless, scrap stuff — is more expensive than soy. To get HVP, a de-oiled soybean meal (or cornmeal) is boiled in large vats of hydrochloric acid for six hours, wrenching apart protein molecules into amino acids. Corn syrup can be added to the mixture to yield a more intense browning flavor. The solution is then neutralized with sodium hydroxide, which leaves the final product with an abundance of sodium. (In response to the food industry’s emphasis on sodium reduction, some HVP makers have tried to produce lower-sodium versions, with varying degrees of success.) Yeast extracts are made in a similar fashion, although no chemicals are needed. Yeast cells are killed with an excess of salt and heat, triggering the organism’s own enzymes to break down its protein into amino acids. Hence the term autolyzed (self-digested) yeast extract.”

“Modern chicken has no flavor” — let’s make it in a lab


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