Facebook ‘Likes’ Reveal More About You Than You Think

And on that note, it’s not just what you specifically ‘like’ but what those historical likes infer through big data analysis, that can be startling. You can bet that Facebook’s own data scientists are 10 steps ahead of these researchers already in identifying trends and collating profiles. In addition, third-party cookies do allow for sites like Facebook to track visits to other websites, as long as they have the near ubiquitous ‘Like’ button embedded – no clicking required. 

If you’re interested in visualizing how you’re being tracked, check out the Collusion Chrome extension here – http://goo.gl/6Dzxt.

“The study found that Facebook likes were linked to sexual orientation, gender, age, ethnicity, IQ, religion, politics and cigarette, drug, or alcohol use. The likes also mapped to relationship status, number of Facebook friends, as well as half a dozen different personality traits. Researchers could correctly distinguish between users … as black or white 95 per cent of the time. That success rate dropped to a still impressive 88 per cent when trying to guess whether a male user was homosexual, and to 85 per cent when telling Democrats from Republicans.”

Facebook ‘Likes’ Reveal More About You Than You Think


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