Hashtag Usage

A research paper confirms what we already knew – overuse of hashtags on tweets makes you look like a douche and loses followers.

_”Of the 17 (non-control) variables depicted, expressing negative sentiments in tweets is the second most harmful factor to growing a Twitter audience. Interestingly, overuse of hashtags in message content (“hashtag abuse”) will also significantly reduce follower gain. On the other hand, producing or passing along informational content is among the top predictors, having a significant positive effect on follower growth rates (β = 3.31e-04). Also, having content that is “retweet worthy” is a very good indicator that a user will gain followers (β = 4.60e-04). Using more sophisticated language in messages also has a moderately strong relative effect on attracting and retaining followers (β = 9.85e-05).”



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