Why Moore’s Law, not mobility, is killing the PC

Part of the decline of desktop PC sales is that components have reached the point where there’s little benefit for the mainstream consumer. Even years old Core 2’s are plentiful enough for many people to complete the tasks they need – as can be evidenced by the slowing down and diversification from the likes of Nvidia and AMD – and Intel’s push into x86 capable Android. The most exciting developments at the moment are in user interactions (such as the Leap Motion and Glass), with low-power and portable processors (like ARM) – a combination which encourages mobility and a share-friendly lifestyle.

_”This may come as a shock to performance-pushing PCA enthusiasts but the average Joe almost never encodes videos, nor will you catch him fragging fools in Crysis 3. Instead, Average Joe spends most of his time on mundane, often Web-centric tasks: Buying stuff online, sending emails, engaging friends and family on social media, maybe watching the occasional YouTube video–on default resolutions, natch, not high-definition–or playing a few hands of Solitaire.”

Why Moore’s Law, not mobility, is killing the PC


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