Steve Mann: My “Augmediated” Life – IEEE Spectrum

More than 40 years before Google Glass appeared, Steve Mann had been experimenting and iterating with augmented reality systems – often including huge backpack-based computer systems. In this thorough write-up, he summarises many of the benefits and issues one might have with AR systems (like Glass), nuggets gleaned from years of daily use.  

AR systems are undoubtedly the way of the future, but the cultural and personal implications are still an obstacle to overcome.

“The second issue, the eyestrain from trying to focus both eyes at different distances, is also one I overcame—more than 20 years ago! The trick is to arrange things so that the eye behind the mirror can focus at any distance and still see the display clearly. This arrangement of optical components is what I call an “aremac.” (Aremac is just camera spelled backward.) Ideally, you’d use a pinhole aremac.”

Steve Mann: My “Augmediated” Life – IEEE Spectrum


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