Stupid, Stupid xBox!

One of the original creators of the XBox project launches a full broadside into Microsoft for their butchering of the program. He states that Microsoft, through it’s bureaucracy and lack of vision is ignoring glaring design flaws and the future of home entertainment consoles. Only through the incompetence of it’s rivals Sony and Nintendo that the XBox has been a success thus far. The Vita and Wii U are testaments to even more short-sighted thinking.

I agree with what he states when he refers to the real rivals to the XBox are gaming devices that everybody already has right now and is selling millions of PER DAY – the smartphone and tablet market. They’re powerful and have dedicated GPU’s, they’re entirely integrated, they’re multi-functional, they’re portable. Nobody wants to carry yet another device on the road. 

“Microsoft is living in a naive dream-world. I have heard people still there arguing that the transition of the brand from hardcore gamers to casual users and tv-uses was an intentional and crafted success. It was not. It was an accident of circumstance that Microsoft is neither leveraging nor in control of. xBox was for years the only network-connected HD-ready device already attached to tv’s that had multi-use potential (games, DVD, Netflix) in the household to justify and amortize its high cost of purchase to the family’s bread-winners.”

Stupid, Stupid xBox!!


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