Apps? No root? Your device serves others: Berners-Lee

Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the Internet says that if you’re locked into your device, you’re a chump. Also, it’s not right to have an app for everything. He’s right of course, the web should be open and ubiquitous, not brand-specific and restricted. That jailbreaking is such a big deal for many (the constant cat and mouse game is entertaining, but saddening), shows the extent of not only how tightly Apple wields control over it’s users, but also that they feel sorely held back by it.

In an ideal world, our devices will be easily interchangeable, even when discarded, constantly syncing our preferences through the web automatically when we connect a new one, without requirement for elaborate activation features. They should really be just a means to an end, a tool we wield with full control. Oh wait, that’s here already.

“More importantly, each app becomes an isolated island of information, rather than being connected to the living web. “There’s no URL in the top bar, so I can’t bookmark it. I can’t tweet it. I can’t like it. I can’t dislike it. It’s not part of the discourse,” Berners-Lee said.”

Apps? No root? Your device serves others: Berners-Lee | ZDNet


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