Internet 2012 in numbers

A summary of the mind-boggling numbers behind the Internet in 2012, and Pingdom’s numbers are usually pretty solid. I had no idea there were so many TLDs. 

Some highlights:

144 billion – Total email traffic per day worldwide
425 million – Number of active Gmail users globally, making it the leading email provider worldwide.
50.76% – Percentage of all spam that was about pharmaceuticals, the top category of all spam.
48% – Share of the the top 100 blogs that run WordPress.
246 million – Number of domain name registrations across all top-level domains.
1.1 billion – Number of Internet users in Asia.
40.5 years – Average age of a Facebook user.
37.3 years – Average age of a Twitter user.
44.2 years – Average age of a Linkedin user.
5 billion – How many times per day the +1 button on Google+ is used.
2.7 billion – Number of likes on Facebook every day.
1.2 trillion – Number of searches on Google  in 2012.
1.3 billion – Number of smartphones in use worldwide by end of 2012.
31% – Percentage of the U.S. Internet population that used a tablet or e-reader.
500 megabytes – Amount of monthly data traffic consumed by the average smartphone.

Internet 2012 in numbers


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